City of Edinburgh Licensing section is very much more than just alcohol licenses and probably quite a complex subject for most community councils. It is our intention is to build on each area as soon as we have the correct information in a relatively easy-to-understand form.


A Message from Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland would greatly appreciate the help of every Community Council to get alcohol onto the agenda of all council strategies following the May election.

 Can you please forward a link to this message to your services and to anyone else as you think relevant?

 We have produced alcohol harm fact sheets for each local area, for Edinburgh you can find this at

 You may wish to encourage services and local activists to engage with candidates in person or through social media, e.g., services or recovery groups could invite candidates to visit and hear about issues first hand, or individuals could attend local hustings and ask candidates questions. [Follow us on Twitter @AlcoholFocus.]

 These are some of the questions you might want to ask

  • Would you agree that action on alcohol is a priority issue that cuts across many sectors?
  • How would you reduce the impact of alcohol on health, families and communities in your area?
  • What steps will you take to find out about the impact of alcohol locally?

 It would be great if you could also share with us any examples of work that you are already doing at a local level.

 Alcohol Focus Scotland has contacted all candidates in the forthcoming local elections to raise awareness of alcohol issues. Emails have been tailored for each candidate with information about their local area - please see below for an example. 

About Licensing

The City of Edinburgh Council regulates certain activities under the following Acts;

  • The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
  • Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

The Edinburgh Licensing Board is responsible for issuing licenses for the sale of alcohol and gambling purposes, under the following Acts:

  • Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Gambling (Scotland) Act 2005

Each Local Authority under The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 has the option of licensing a number of different activities if they fall within their jurisdiction. In addition, there are certain activities for which a licence is a mandatory requirement. For simplicity, The City of Edinburgh Council and Edinburgh Licensing Board respectfully, has categorised each Licence-type into the following groups; Alcohol/Gambling (for which Edinburgh Licensing Board are responsible), Taxi and Private Hire, Animal Licences’, Shop/Trader Licences’, Leisure/Entertainment/Parades and HMO.

Read more: About Licensing

General Licensing Links

Below are links to various areas of Licensing. We will get more information to help community councils soon. This is very much a development area for EACC.

If there are issues in any particular area contact us using the "Contact EACC" Form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Alcohol Focus Scotland - Resource Toolkit

Alcohol licensing in your community - How you can get involved.

You can download the Resource Toolkit HERE

EACC belongs to every Edinburgh Community Council

Its aim is to provide support, advise and give a collective voice for community councils when facing the challenges community councillors encounter on an almost daily basis. No one person is more important than any other. All community councils have a voice on the EACC!!